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wedding film

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What we offer

  • Full day coverage

  • Two videographers

  • Multiple professional cameras

  • High-end audio equipment

  • Drones and gimbals

We're there with you from the early morning preparations and all the way into late at night. We tag along and document everything you've got planned and any surprises that may occur.

This type of coverage usually includes hair/makeup, dress, grooms prep, maids and best men, family, ceremony, photo shoot, gatherings, dinner, toasts, dances and other traditions or special moments. 



What you'll get

  • 20-40 sec Teaser

  • 4-8 min Highlight film

  • 60-120 min Full wedding video

The Teaser is a fun way to get a first taste of what the film may look like. Share this to your guests and they'll get excited too!

The Highlight film is THE film and it's where we put most of our work.
It's the full experience crammed into minutes. This is the video you'll find yourself go back to, it's full of memories and brings you tears every time. Well, that's the goal anyway :)

The full wedding video is a chronologically cut doc edit. This includes stuff like morning prep, the full ceremony, activities + full speeches and, of course, some of your late night dance moves 💃



...and this

  • Consultation

  • Fast turnarounds, but never compromised

  • 1 Year backup

To ensure that we give you the best service we can, we like to get together and go over your expectations and plans for your wedding over a cup of coffee or maybe a Skype-call. We then keep an ongoing conversation all the way up to the day of your wedding.

Making your movie is a creative process which takes time but we always aim to have your wedding finished before we take on another. This way your story gets our full attention.

We recommend that you backup all data, but in case of an accident, we've got you covered for at least a year.


34 000 SEK

price includes travel within Sweden.